Milk replacer for piglets

Animal welfare has long been the crucial point for guaranteeing the optimal productive development of farms. One of the most complete definitions outlined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (1991) is that of the “five freedoms”, according to which animals must necessarily be free from hunger, thirst, malnutrition (nutrition), free to have comfort and shelter (environment) , free from injury and disease (health), free to express normal behaviour, free from fear and stress (management).

The goal of the Frabes team, through constant research and development work, is to formulate highly technological products that are able to guarantee the nutritional needs of the different species in a particularly delicate period from birth to weaning, ensuring the correct development and functioning of the gastrointestinal system of young animals and satisfying their biological and behavioural characteristics.

This translates into the careful choice of the raw materials we purchase and the careful evaluation of them for the production of products such as milk substitutes and functional foods. Correct nutritional intake and good barn management in the growth phase will allow the animals to maximise their ability to adapt to the environment, resulting in a reduced use of pharmacological treatments and a better start to the production phase of the young adult.

All Frabes products are formulated and tested to meet high quality standards and guarantee high solubility and high flowability, ideal for automatic feeding machines, mixers and manual preparation in the bucket.

Milk replacer for piglets
Support milk for large litters suitable for mechanical and manual preparation and distribution. Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of piglets and to stimulate the intake of solid feed at an early age.
Protein 21 %
Fat 15 %
Piglets nucleos
Formulation of specific nucleos based on dairy raw materials to meet the needs of farmers who apply their own feeding programmes.

Specific product to be used in formulas for the very first stages of piglet life. Useful for improving the palatability of the feed and for the correct development of the immune system.


Product designed to obtain the best results in a delicate phase such as weaning.

Raw materials

Frabes’ experience in purchasing raw materials for the production of its own feed has also allowed it to develop its sales on the Italian market. Sweet whey powder and fat filled whey are just some of the raw materials that are marketed today. For more information, check out our page dedicated to raw materials.

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