Company, history and production process

Our history

The history of Frabes began in 1978 as a family business involved in the breeding of white veal calves, followed by the construction in Rovato of the first production site of milk replacers for our own consumption. When production started it involved the need to procure raw materials and consequently also offered the possibility to start trading in these. The growth of the company, both in calves rearing (more than 10,000 calves reared per year) and in commercial activities, allowed the company to build the second production site, in the 2000s, that would be used for the production of WPC (whey protein concentrate).

Frabes therefore acquired its current connotation of producer of dairy raw materials for zootechnical use and milk replacers. The line of milk replacers for white veal calves is supplemented by products intended for the rearing of young animals that are marketed in Italy and subsequently in various countries around the world.

The growth and expansion of Frabes did not go unnoticed and made it possible first to forge a partnership and then to join the Denkavit Group, a Dutch company at the forefront in the production of milk replacers and feed for young animals, with the acquisition in 2019.