Company, history and production process

Made in Italy and production process

In its factories in Rovato in Italy, Frabes produces dairy raw materials destined to be marketed and used in the formulation of milk replacers. Our production of raw materials is closely linked to our territory, Pianura Padana, where there are farms that supply the milk for the production of Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and most of the resulting liquid whey is processed by us. The production of Grana Padano begins with raw milk from cows milked twice a day and which must be collected within twenty-four hours of the first milking. The feeding of the cows themselves is strictly controlled and must comply with the Production Regulations, thus maintaining high quality standards of the milk and the cheese itself.

From the dairy to the processing, the milk cannot be subjected to physical, mechanical or thermal treatments that can alter its state of untreated natural milk. The milk is then placed in inverted bell boilers (tubs), made of copper or with an internal copper lining. Coagulation is achieved by using calf rennet, after the addition of a natural whey starter. After processing about 1000 litres of milk, what is obtained is 80 kg of fresh Grana Padano cheese and 900 litres of liquid whey; the liquid whey after a long process, then arrives in Frabes to start the production of WPC (whey protein concentrate).

The WPC is then ready to be sold and shipped or transferred to our plant for the production of milk replacers.