Raw materials

WPC 35

It is a whey protein concentrate obtained by the ultrafiltration of whey from the processing of hard Italian cheeses, produced with unpasteurised raw milk that maintains intact the properties of milk proteins. WPC 35 is produced in Frabes using the horizontal spray drying system that does not alter the bioavailability of the protein content thus a high quality product suitable for the formulation of feed for all young animals is obtained. The main characteristics are:

  • High content and quality of easily digestible whey proteins
  • IgG immunoglobulin content for correct immune system development
  • Lactose content, an excellent energy source

WPC 35 is also essential for improving the palatability of any type of feed.

Raw materials trading

Frabes experience in purchasing raw materials for the production of its own feed has also allowed it to develop its sales on the Italian market. Sweet whey powder and fat filled whey are just some of the raw materials that are marketed today. For more information, please contact your sales representative.

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