“Coronavirus” COVID-19 emergency

15 April 2020

Frabes has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation since it began last January. Our priority has been to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and the continuity of our business. Up to now there has been no interruption in production and in the procurement of raw materials.

This emergency could impact the market, availability and price volatility of dairy commodities, cereals, amino acids, vitamins and other products. We have already observed large changes in the prices of some commodities. So far we have been able to handle the situation smoothly and meet the needs of all our customers.

From a logistical point of view we have never had any problems. However, due to the recent increases in border controls, we might face some delays. As far as maritime transport is concerned, we have noticed cost increases and a reduction in the number of containers available. There have recently been some delays in handling containers entering the port of Rotterdam.

Frabes is a leading supplier of feed additives and a manufacturer of milk powder and piglet feed sold worldwide. We kindly ask all our customers to predict their needs earlier than usual taking into account that delivery times may be longer than expected.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely.